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Victorinox Quartz - Discover a trail of Mineral Magnetism


Quartz exudes a unique elemental energy - a hidden treasure formed over millions of years by the mighty force of nature. Inspired by shards of light piercing the geometric form of crystal stone, the new Victorinox fragrance Quartz alludes to the multifaceted character of this compound. Discover the olfactory secret of the Swiss mountains. Experience elementary attraction.

In line with the Victorinox Signature Collection approach, Quartz draws inspiration from elements and ma-terials found in Swiss nature. The new scent complements the men’s fragrances by elemental energy and fascination. A fragrance of refined complexity, mineral-led in its olfactory DNA, yet surprisingly radiant.


Victorinox Quartz is a lively and refreshing scent. It makes its olfactory debut showcasing fresh notes of clary sage with the green balsamic edge of elemi essence. As it reveals its captivating heart, the mineral yet ozonic notes of Swiss Quartzite accord illuminate the resinous notes of fir balsam absolute. On the dry-down, Quartz leaves an intense trail of smoked Labdanum Vulcain fused with the earthy intrigue of crystal moss.


Created by Master Perfumer Nathalie Lorson of Firmenich, one of the leading global fragrance houses, the scent is a simple yet resonant fragrance. Each ingredient is selected for its quality and blended at its per-fect dosage to maximize the beauty of the final creation.

“As a perfumer, nature is at the core of my inspiration”, explains Lorson. Therefore, it was evident for her to take nature into consideration, and to start this project with what it can offer. For this purpose, she selected natural ingredient extracts such as clary sage essence, fir balsam absolute and Cistus Labdanum Vulcain. “Natural ingredients bring poetry and dimension to the fragrance.

”The harmonious folding box features the unique texture of the quartz mineral. A dramatic combination of dark and jagged mountain rock is mixed with purple amethyst crystals that catch the light. The themes of nature and purity are also reflected in the clean, fluid lines of the square flacon crowned with a silver-grey cap. Like all fragrances in the Victorinox Signature Collection, the bottom of the flacon is colored in Victori-nox red representing the iconic and exclusive DNA of the brand. The color of the liquid is visible through the glass: a sophisticated gray-purple hue reminiscent of a translucent gemstone.


Victorinox, like Firmenich, has its roots in Switzerland, where mountains and forests are an important part of the landscape. “In Switzerland, there is a peacefulness and an incredible symbiosis with nature that you can feel in the mountains and that is really unique. This is what I wanted to transcribe in this fragrance, a combination of feeling, emotion and the wildness of nature”, completes Lorson.

Moreover, all Victorinox fragrances are Swiss made, from product development to production, using high-quality ingredients. Victorinox Quartz is a formula of natural origin, vegan and cruelty-free. It comes as an Eau de Toilette of 100ml. Victorinox fragrances are available in Victorinox stores and online shop, and in selected perfumeries worldwide.