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World Fashion Festival Awards & Duels Awards Dubai -

Together for a better future

World Fashion Festival Awards & Duels Awards Dubai with the aim “ Together for a better future” celebrated on the 26 February 2023 at ALMAS CONFERENCE CENTER DUBAI.

World Fashion Festival Awards is a unique platform combining beautifully the ART, BEAUTY, CULTURE, BUSINESS and FASHION under one single umbrella dedicated to raising the profile of worldwide fashion designers, writers, painters, local and international artists and industry professionals headed to Dubai (one of the most important cities in the world) for gaining Middle East recognition and appreciation of their talent and work.

In October 2021, World Fashion Festival Awards Dubai (WFFA) achieved the UAE Guinness Record with 50 Fashion Shows showcased in 3 days with amazing talented designers from around the globe! WFFA (World Fashion Festival Awards) has proudly been announced by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2021 (New York / Season 13) as the selected and appointed WINNER of the category: BEST LUXURY FASHION EVENT IN DUBAI!

During our festival we had art exhibitions, book launches, product launches and for sure fashion shows with worldwide designers well known and emerging. We had guests like Maria Elisa Coelho ( the niece of Paolo Coelho ) who launched her book during our event, Ziad Nakad, Vincent Mcdoom, MR. RAOUF MAFTAH, one of the greatest artists of our times from the Field of ART – Member of the MONEGASQUE NATIONAL COMMITTEE OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PLASTIC ARTS FROM UNESCO AIAP and many others.

With over 120 media partners, partners and collaborators, WFFA in 2021 proudly announced the partnership with Diplomat Business Club Dubai, a prestigious global network connecting business leaders, diplomats, government officials, entrepreneurs and investors, and eminent members of society who have distinguished themselves from different walks of life. Our high-profile events and activities are staged in iconic locations such as the UK Parliament, Burj Khalifa and Emirates Towers.

After achieving excellence and success over the years, we are ready for the next level

We are extremely happy to announce under the patronage of World Fashion Festival Awards, Duels Awards Dubai by Andreea Cormier Wacker which is going to write history with unique shows and concepts!

WFFA & DAD is offering the opportunity to all governmental entities from different countries to expose their cultures and traditions in firm interest in further developing and diversifying cooperation in areas of major importance for the two countries, namely economic, trade, maritime and air transport, energy, IT&C, cyber security, agriculture and food safety, environment and aerospace research.

The festival will be celebrated in the presence of the Royal Family of the UAE together with worldwide designers, international brands and companies, distinguished Guests, Artists and Diplomats from more than 30 countries!

What are the categories for the DAD?

Duels Designers Best Collection - Duels Best Dress ( one dress with theme innovation) - Duels Awards Best Sustainability Collection - Duels Awards Best Model - Duels Awards Young Model - Duels Makeup/Hairstyle ( Innovation and Fashion Look)

When we talk about luxury event we talk about DULES AWARDS DUBAI under the patronage of WORLD FASHION FESTIVAL AWARDS (WFFA). Luxury event means care for the details, for the guests, for the models and never the less for the designers! Everybody needs to shine in a luxury event and at us this is possible.

Be there

Mark the date! 26 February 2023 - Almas Conference Center Dubai